One lovely place.

Quintas Tropical:

This resort is on Route 32 at about 400 meters east of Puente Rio Toro Amarillo, is a development of 5000 m2 each approx. or 5381.93 square feet. The project is surrounded by protected forest and a biological corridor, there are exotic birds such as woodpeckers, toucans, hawks, oropendulas. It has access to all services also has common areas including a lake and playground.

It is a development has added value and most of the owners of the properties are mostly businessmen, doctors and managers of leading firms in the area. It has a single entrance with permanent security.

Is location off the Forest make it receives gentle breeze. Has young fruit trees and timber, a variety of local flowers such as heliconia and bird of paradise and palm trees of different types. The house has a tropical style, has 310 m2 of construction, or 3444.43 square feet. front deck, 3 bedrooms, 2.5 bathrooms, living room, dining room and large terrace with bar, kitchen, laundry room, attic, further study / bedroom, TV room, master bedroom with walk in closet and spacious bath with a stone wall column, tubs and panoramic views also add a large garage for up to 4 cars.

Price: $ 320,000

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