Barra del Colorado farm for sale

This farm is a 200 has. private tittled area, with a 100% of the territory covered by a primary forest, untouched and virgin. It’s about 10km from the Barra del Colorado National Wildlife Refuge, and 126km from San Jose.

Away from the noise, pollution and stress of the big cities; here you can find the relaxing feeling that only the direct connection with the nature can bring.

The wildlife and views are almost the same of what you can find in the Barra de Colorado National Wildlife Refuge; so below is a clear explanation of what you can find in this area.

Climate: Warm throughout the year, rain is possible anytime, although the driest months are March and April.

Fishing: Reputedly the best tarpon and snook fishing in the world! And even if the fish aren’t biting on a given day, you can’t beat the placid rain forest scenery. Numerous lodges exist in the Barra del Colorado area and are fully-equipped to cater to the fishing clientele. For those looking for a change of pace from fighting the powerful “Silver Kings,” as Atlantic Tarpon are sometimes called, there is the option of going after smaller species such as Guapote, Mojarra, Machaca, Drum, and Alligator Gar using light tackle in the quiet backwater areas.